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How Running Boards Will Save Your Knees


How Running Boards Will Save Your Knees

Runner’s knee; jumper’s knee; ‘ouch my knee hurts really bad’ knee. All of these are common pains felt around the kneecap during strenuous activities. Although these different pains may have been caused by different activities, (especially the “ouch my knee hurts really bad’ knee”, that could have been anything) they all can be re-agitated by the same thing like getting into your truck without a running board.

I’ve seen a person with a truck on 46″ tires the required him to climb said tires to get into the cab. This person may or may not sit behind me at work, either way, getting into your truck this way will eventually take its toll on your body. That’s why you need to get some Running Boards! Big Ones! Ones that are shiny and will look sick on your truck. Sick as in good. What looks better than 2 chrome plated pontoons on the side of your truck?

Enough with the nonsense. Most auto enthusiasts love modifying their truck. I love when a modification also has some use to it. If you like something that stands out and you want to set your truck apart, polished or chrome plated nerf bars are perfect for that. Running Boards offer more of a classic, age old look that serves more strictly as a truck step. Still haven’t convinced you? How about some awesome photos of awesome trucks doing awesome things with awesome nerf bars or running boards installed?!?!

Harley Bars, Not really a nerf bar but stylish none the less.

Now that’s what a truck is used for.

At this point the running boards are kind of pointless, but this is the kind of truck that pioneered the running board.